Understanding the Importance of Shopping for Auto Insurance

You have probably heard time and time again that it is important to shop around for insurance in Houston, TX. And even though speaking with several representatives can seem like a time-consuming and tedious task, the benefits of shopping around are enormous. If you don’t feel like calling different insurance agencies, you can always hop online and get a few quotes. For now, let’s look at the importance of shopping for auto insurance. 

It’s Easy

Shopping for auto insurance has never been easier, especially when you contact Memorial Insurance Agency. All you have to do is call each carrier you want a quote through and answer a few questions. It is important that you answer each question truthfully. If you don’t tell a carrier about a speeding ticket or traffic violation, the quote they give you won’t be accurate. If you go online to get your quotes, you can even use helpful tools that allow you to compare quotes from different carriers all at the same time. Try our online rating tool for a quote.

You can Get a Lower Premium

Just because one carrier wants to insure you at $179 a month doesn’t mean another won’t want to give you a rate of only $139 a month. But you’ll never know if you can save money on your auto insurance unless you shop around. 

You can Get Better Coverage

Many people find that by shopping around for insurance, they can get a lower quote, or an equal premium of what they are paying now, but also enhance their coverage, such as getting a lower deductible on their collision and comprehensive coverages. 

If you would like to learn more about the true value of shopping for auto insurance, please give the Memorial Insurance Agency, serving the Houston, TX area, a call today. 

How to Buy a House

Buying a new home can be daunting.

In partnership with Remax Signature Realty, Memorial Insurance co-sponsors a series of seminars to handhold first-time buyers through the process, including securing financing, making an offer, home inspections, and – of course – home insurance. There are great giveaways for attendees as well as essential expert advice.

The video below, taken at our latest event in Houston, provides a feel for what it’s all about. Contact us for details of our next event!