What Does Home Insurance Cover in Texas?

Your home is your sanctuary and will want to protect the security and stability of your home by obtaining a home insurance policy. The agents at the Memorial Insurance Agency in Houston, TX understand your need to have peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your house and have years of experience in assisting people with their home insurance coverage.

Coverage Options for Home Insurance

A home insurance policy will cover several things, including the physical structure of your home. It will also cover any other buildings you have on your property, such as a garage or shed. You never know when a catastrophic event, such as a house fire, vandalism, or a natural disaster will occur, destroying your house and leaving you homeless. A home insurance policy will cover your house if it is demolished or damaged by one of these events and help you find a temporary place to live until the repairs or replacement is made of your beautiful home.

Your home insurance policy will also cover household items, your personal belongings, and appliances if your home is damaged by a tragic event or if a theft or burglary occurs at your home and your items are stolen.

There are certain things that are not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy that you will have the option to add, including earthquake coverage and flood damage insurance. Your home insurance agent can assist you in choosing the right home insurance policies for you and your situation. Call the home insurance agents today at the Memorial Insurance Agency in Houston, TX to create the best home insurance policy for you and get your policy, and your peace of mind started.