Who needs auto insurance in Texas?

The Houston, TX area continues to be a major metropolitan area with fast growth. To ensure you are able to get around the area quickly and efficiently, owning your own vehicle has become a practical necessity for many people. As you are assessing your vehicle purchase options, you should also consider your insurance needs. An auto insurance plan is needed in Texas for several reasons.

Coverage is Needed to Comply with Law

A primary reason drivers in Texas need to have auto coverage is because it is necessary to comply with the law. Texas requires that all drivers carry liability insurance at a minimum. This coverage ensures that you can pay for any damages that you may cause in an accident. Those without this coverage can be penalized if they are caught without it. 

Coverage is Needed if you Have a Loan

Having an auto insurance plan can also be a necessity if you have taken out a loan. Those who decide that they want to purchase a vehicle in Texas could do so through the use of an auto loan. If this is the case for you, having the required insurance is important. In most cases, an auto loan provider will require you to carry collision and comprehensive coverage as it will protect their collateral. 

Those who are looking to purchase a vehicle in the Houston, TX area will always want to know that they have the right insurance. As you are assessing your insurance options, calling the Memorial Insurance Agency would be an ideal option. As you are speaking with the Memorial Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot more about your options and personal insurance requirements. Based on this support, you will be able to build a plan that meets your personal insurance needs.