Insuring My Houston TX Home

More than 9,700 homes were sold by realtors in the Houston area in May 2021 alone, according to the Houston Association of Realtors. If you are one of these new homeowners, one of the most important decisions you will make — after what home you want, of course — is who to insure your home with.

The importance of homeowner’s insurance cannot be understated. Not only is it required when purchasing and obtaining financing for a home, but it can also be a lifesaver should the worst happen. 

That’s because home insurance in Houston, TX will provide financial relief if your home is damaged due to an event that is covered by your insurance such as a tornado or fire. It will also cause damage done to your property or personal belongings.

In addition, insurance will cover you should someone have an accident or be injured on your property and you are held responsible for it. 

And finally, there are many additional policies you can obtain for your homes, such as flood and earthquake insurance, that will cover you should those events happen. 

When you are shopping for homeowner’s insurance, however, it’s important to keep in mind that your insurance is only as good as what you purchase. To be sure you get the best protection possible for your house, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t end up underinsured. 

Too many homeowners don’t have adequate insurance for their homes. Instead of having a home that is insured for the replacement value of their home, which is what it would cost to rebuild your home from the foundation up. Instead, they end up insured for the market value — what people would be willing to pay — for your home. 

Getting home insurance is an important decision. Memorial Insurance Agency can put together a plan that will work best for you and your home. Call today for more information. 

When should a Houston property owner get flood insurance?

The Houston, TX area continues to be one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country. Due to this growth, Houston continues to be a good area to own a home. If you would like to purchase a property in Texas, you must have the right insurance at all times. One important form of coverage to consider getting is flood insurance. There are a few situations when a property owner here should consider getting flood coverage.

When Insurance is a Loan Requirement

Some property owners in the Houston area are required to get insurance to comply with their loan requirements. Most Houston property buyers are going to take out a mortgage when they purchase their home. If you have taken out a mortgage, you will need to comply with any insurance standards that they have. If your home is in a flood zone, the lender will require that you carry a flood insurance plan at all times.

When Concerned About Flood Risk

You should also consider getting a flood insurance plan if you are concerned about flood risk. If your home is located near a river, lake, or other waterways that are prone to flooding, you should make sure that you are adequately insured. Since home insurance may not cover all flood damages, having the additional insurance plan will be helpful. 

People that are in the Houston, TX area will want to ensure that they have the right insurance for their home. If you are assessing your flood insurance needs, calling Memorial Insurance Agency is a great option. If you do call Memorial Insurance Agency you can determine whether flood insurance is right for you and your situation. They will then help you build a new plan that provides appropriate coverage. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover in Texas?

Your home is your sanctuary and will want to protect the security and stability of your home by obtaining a home insurance policy. The agents at the Memorial Insurance Agency in Houston, TX understand your need to have peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your house and have years of experience in assisting people with their home insurance coverage.

Coverage Options for Home Insurance

A home insurance policy will cover several things, including the physical structure of your home. It will also cover any other buildings you have on your property, such as a garage or shed. You never know when a catastrophic event, such as a house fire, vandalism, or a natural disaster will occur, destroying your house and leaving you homeless. A home insurance policy will cover your house if it is demolished or damaged by one of these events and help you find a temporary place to live until the repairs or replacement is made of your beautiful home.

Your home insurance policy will also cover household items, your personal belongings, and appliances if your home is damaged by a tragic event or if a theft or burglary occurs at your home and your items are stolen.

There are certain things that are not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy that you will have the option to add, including earthquake coverage and flood damage insurance. Your home insurance agent can assist you in choosing the right home insurance policies for you and your situation. Call the home insurance agents today at the Memorial Insurance Agency in Houston, TX to create the best home insurance policy for you and get your policy, and your peace of mind started.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

As a car owner in Houston, TX, it is vital to get your auto insurance from Memorial Insurance Agency. Still, it would be more critical if you can understand how auto insurance works. With this knowledge, you will always drive with confidence, and you will know where your auto insurance policy will help. In most cases, car insurance policies help in the following circumstances. 

Financial Liability Coverage

As you drive, you might be involved in an accident where you will damage other people’s cars and property. Auto insurance helps you cover the financial liabilities you will be required to pay when such incidents happen. All the financial requirements will be handled by your auto insurance provider, especially in third-party insurance policies. 

Medical Liability Coverage

In case of an accident where one of your passengers or a pedestrian is caught and injured in the accident, it is your insurance provider who will pay for the necessary medical bills. In this case, your auto insurance company will help you to cover all medical expenses, income replacement, and punitive damages where they have been demanded. 

Repair Coverage

There is no doubt that your car will require professional repair services from an experienced auto repair expert after being involved in an accident. The cost might be too high for you to cover. However, if you have a car insurance policy, your insurance company will pay for all the necessary expenses. 

As you can see, knowing how auto insurance works helps you to save thousands of dollars in repair, medical, and financial liability that you would have covered through out-of-pocket expenses. As such, you should get car insurance that covers the benefits discussed above. Memorial Insurance Agency is the leading auto insurance company in Houston, TX, that can provide a cover that meets the needs of your car.

How much flood insurance do you need in Houston, TX?

Houston, TX is a beautiful city with an abundance of opportunities. H-Town is also a region prone to hurricanes and tornadoes that bring heavy flooding. Flood insurance is an absolute must in Houston, which is why the agents at Memorial Insurance Agency are eager to help you find the right plan. 

Does flood insurance come with a standard home insurance policy?

Flood insurance does not come standard with a traditional home insurance plan. The average standard home indemnity plan pays for general liability along with damages to the structure not related to natural disasters. 

Some homeowners in Houston, TX purchase a standard home insurance policy with the impression that they are fully covered in all instances of unexpected disasters. They are devastated to learn they do not have the protection needed to recover when tragedy strikes. 

Avoiding the downfall of being underinsured is often a matter of speaking with a professional who can thoroughly explain the benefits of your policy. Understanding the difference between what is considered a natural disaster and a man-made incident is also important. 

Does flood insurance cover a burst pipe?

Flood insurance does not cover a burst pipe that causes significant damage to your structure or personal items. A good standard insurance plan may pay for such damages. 

How much flood insurance do you need?

The amount of flood insurance you may need depends on a number of factors not limited to:

  • The value of your home;
  • Your budget; 
  • Your lifestyle preferences;
  • How often your area experiences inclement weather. 

The agents at Memorial Insurance Agency can help you understand the benefits of flood insurance. They can also assist in crafting the policy that best suits your needs. Call Memorial Insurance today for a quote for flood insurance coverage.

Who should get home insurance in Houston?

Houston, TX is a major metro area that continues to bring new people in each year. When you are going to move here, the growing population and strong economy can make it an ideal place to purchase a home. If you do decide to purchase a home in this area of the state, you will want to get proper insurance coverage for it. There are several situations when someone here should get a home insurance policy.

When Taking Out a Mortgage

A situation when most people will need to get property insurance is when they are going to take out a mortgage. The low-interest-rate environment today makes it a great time to finance a home with a mortgage. However, if you do this, you will need to get proper insurance for your property to comply with the lender requirements. In some cases, you will also have to escrow payments monthly to ensure you do not have a coverage lapse. 

When Wanting to Protect Asset

You should also get coverage for your home to protect your asset. A home insurance policy will give the coverage that is needed to repair or rebuild your property. This coverage will prove to be valuable if there is ever a fire or other form of damage. 

There are a lot of reasons that someone should get home insurance for their Houston, TX area property. If you are in the market for a new home or want to evaluate your insurance needs, it would be a good idea for you to call Memorial Insurance Agency. The team with Memorial Insurance Agency understands the complexities that come with picking an insurance plan. They can answer any questions that you have and choose a policy that is right for your situation. 

Why should I get home insurance in Houston?

In the Houston, TX area, owning and purchasing a home is a great long-term investment and option. As you are in the market for your next property, you should also spend time thinking about how you can protect your property. A great way to protect your home is by getting a quality insurance policy that will offer several types of coverage. 

Insurance is Needed to Protect Assets

One of the reasons you should get home insurance for your Houston property is that it is required and needed to protect your asset. Your home and dwelling is a very major asset that you need to protect as well as possible. A great way that anyone can do this is by getting a full home insurance policy. With this coverage, you will have protection in the event your home is damaged. Further, you will get additional coverage to repair or replace your personal assets. 

Insurance Gives Liability Protection

You will also want to get a home insurance policy because it can give you liability protection. When you are a property owner, you will be taking on some type of liability risk at all times. If you are found at fault for an accident that occurs in your home, you will be required to pay for the relevant damages. Fortunately, with home insurance, you can get coverage for this risk. 

If you would like to purchase a property in the Houston, TX area and need insurance, you should call the team at Memorial Insurance Agency. Those that speak with the team at Memorial Insurance Agency can get the guidance and support they need to choose a policy. This can ensure you know what all of your options are and that you pick the right policy for your situation. 

Why should I have more than basic auto insurance

You never realize how important your auto insurance is until you have to use it. It is something most people take for granted after getting it when they first purchase a vehicle. If you have a local insurance agent it is likely they know you and make an effort to keep your insurance up to date. If you live in Houston, TX or the surrounding area Memorial Insurance Agency is a respected and professional insurance agency that you can count on for help no matter what your insurance needs are. 

In Texas, drivers must prove they can pay for the damages from an accident they cause. The easiest way to do this is with an auto insurance policy. The basic amount required of every driver is 30/60/25. This breaks down as $30,000 injury coverage per person with a cap of $60,000 per accident and $25,000 in damage to property. This sounds like quite a lot until you think about what a typical hospital visit costs and the price of vehicles. Then suddenly it seems very basic and is only adequate you have little or no assets. 

You are not required to carry collision and comprehensive unless you are leasing or have a vehicle loan. Paying to have your vehicle repaired or replaced is on you if you don’t have these types of auto coverage. This can be a very expensive proposition and one you need to really consider when it is time to choose what type of coverage is right for you. 

In Houston, TX,  Memorial Insurance Agency we want to sit down with you to discuss your auto insurance needs. That is how we do business, we listen to you and make sure you get what you need and want at a price you can afford. Stop into the office or call us to get a no-obligation quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance.

Memorial Insurance Agency serves the city of Houston, TX and the surrounding areas with quality insurance services. We understand that buying auto insurance for the first time, or a new policy from a new state can bring up a few questions. 

Here Are Some FAQs About Auto Insurance:

  • Is auto insurance a legal requirement in the state of Texas? Yes, the state of Texas requires a minimum of liability insurance and most auto lenders require full coverage while you pay them. 
  • What happens if I leave the country in my car? Because Texas shares a border with Mexico this is a great question. Mexico does not legally recognize auto insurance policies but you can buy liability specifically for your trip for your protection. Ask your agent about it before you travel. 
  • Do I need additional coverage to let my friend borrow my car? If your friend is a legal driver and is only borrowing it once then he/she should be covered. But if they are a habitual driver of your car or if your friend has any legal reason they should not be driving this can negate the protection. It is best to ask an agent if you are unsure. 
  • When will my auto insurance policy be effective? Your policy is effective on the exact date of your policy paperwork. Often this date will be the very day you purchase it. You can never backdate your auto insurance policy start date. 

If you live in our around Houston, TX, give us a call at Memorial Insurance Agency to discuss your auto insurance needs. We are happy to answer any further questions you have and will make the process of purchasing a policy as simple as possible every step of the way. 

Do I Need Insurance If I Live Outside a Flood Plain?

The agents of Memorial Insurance Agency serve residents who live in the Houston, TX area. They understand that purchasing home insurance can be confusing at times, so they are always available to answer questions and address any concerns their clients may have. One concern that often arises is whether or not flood insurance is needed. Knowing where flood plains are located will help answer this question.

What Is a Flood Plain?

A flood plain is a geographic area of land where floods are most likely to occur. A flood plain extends outward from bodies of water like lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and coastal regions. Flood plains normally include any low lying areas where water may not be able to escape from. If you are concerned about flooding and want to know if your property lies within or near a flood plain, talk to your insurance agent. They can find that information out for you.

Different Types of Storm and Water Damage

Texas is known for strong storms and intense weather conditions  Strong winds and heavy rains can wreak havoc on already full lakes, ponds, and rivers. Heavy rains can also cause large pools of water to form in areas that don’t normally flood or hold water. This isn’t necessarily considered flooding but may fall under the category of storm damage.

The agents of Memorial Insurance Agency understand how confusing it can be trying to figure out your insurance when it comes to flooding and water damage. Residents who live in the Houston, TX area should contact an agent if they have questions about whether or not they are close to a flood plain and how this will impact their insurance needs.