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Flood Insurance in Texas

After the recent events of the past year, flood insurance should be a top priority for most Houston, TX residents. While some are still recovering from the effects of the storm, others are moving forward with the relief they saw from Texas flood insurance.

Texas Flood Insurance from Memorial Insurance Agency

Flooding is not covered by a home insurance policy. This means that those seeking protection from this natural disaster are forced to look into flood insurance coverage. FEMA has specific guidelines when it comes to flood insurance coverage and it is important to go over the details of this with your insurance agent thoroughly.

If you are in a flood zone, you may be required by the city to have a flood insurance policy. Even if you are not in a designated flood area, it is still smart to look into coverage because over 25% of all flooding related incidents take place outside of a flood zone. Flooding is one of the top natural disasters to plague citizens of the U.S. every year.

A flood insurance policy can provide relief by rebuilding your home and helping you replace your belongings that were lost by flood waters. It can also help your business should it fall victim to a storm or other incidents involving flooding.


When acquiring a flood insurance policy, it is required to have a 30 day wait period before the flood insurance take effect. This is to prevent people from taking out a policy at the last minute before a storm or hurricane hits. It is always important to be overly prepared when a flood strikes and you should make sure you are covered by looking into flood insurance before a disaster takes place.

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For more information on flood insurance, please reach out to the offices of Memorial Insurance Agency in Houston, TX. Our agents can inform you more about the requirements for flood insurance and can provide you with a quote. Contact us to get started on a flood insurance policy today.

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